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We're kinda obsessed with dogs!



Pee Poop Play provides a healthy, balanced and loving outlet for exercise.


Hello fellow dog lover,

My name is Andre Lambert, I have two beautiful dogs. A goofy yet adorable boy named Ramses and a super sweet, timid girl named Chaya. I love my dogs! It's the kind of love only a dog owner would understand.

Like you, I lived a very busy life. I was guilty of leaving my dogs at home for way to long. The thought of them holding it in, hour after hour was to much for me to bare. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I knew my dogs were just sitting there, bored, nothing to do. Waiting for that familiar sound of fumbling keys.

So, I started a dog walking company. Found and hired some amazing dog lovers and worked extremely hard to make it one of the best dog walking companies in Boston.

Now, my dogs tag along with me.  Also, I help other dog owners feel less guilty. Most important of all, we at Pee Poop Play help to give your dog a healthy, safe and loving outlet for exercise.

So, what are you waiting for? Your dog would love to join our pack and we would love to have them!

Always wagging,

Andre Lambert


Pee Poop Play, Inc.




(617) 704-3767



West Roxbury



Jamaica Plain





M-F 10am–5pm

What our clients are saying about us!

I couldn’t be happier with them. Andre is a great guy who delivers a great service for a great price.
— Chip, Brookline, MA
HEAVEN SENT! Andre and PeePoopPlay deliver the best services I have ever come across.
— Lindsey, Brighton, MA
Well organized with billing and payment is made easy ! Kitt has been a lot happier on the days she gets her stroll !
— Susan, West Roxbury, MA
Professional, reliable, and fantastic communication. We are so happy we found them - and our pup Louie is, too !
— Victoria, Roslindale, MA

SOme of Our very happy dogs!

Peace of Mind


Your pets safety is of the utmost importance to us. Unlike many walkers, Pee Poop Play is fully insured and bonded. This means in the event of an accident under our care, no matter how big or small, your pet will be taken care of. We are fully bonded as well. Any property damage (inside or out) caused by Pee Poop Play is 100% covered. Below is our proof of insurance. We are also listed in the Pet Sitters Associates directory of covered members. click here



Great service means customizing the best plan for your pup

 Lets talk, give us a call or text!


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30 Minute Group Stroll - $25.00

Great for smaller breeds. Includes a potty break, fresh air and time to stretch those paws.

60 minute Group Hike - $33.00

Our most popular walk, this is perfect for daily exercise. 

Full Day Care - $43.00

(8am - 5:30pm)

For those who leave early and come home late. Your dog will thank you for this crate free experience.

Full Day Care includes: Early morning pickup, Walks, Lunch, Treats, Playtime, and evening drop off.



Now, You may be thinking...

Sounds good, but, do I REALLY need a dog walker? How does Pee Poop Play benefit me and my dog ?


Well, we gotcha covered.


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